Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, Inc.

Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, Inc. is your partner for plaintiff-only structured settlements. We provide the time, respect, patience, creativity, and professionalism that each injured party and client deserves. Our mission is to ensure that each structured settlement or income alternative is right for the individual it concerns.

Count on us for quality advice, plans that work for you, dependable service throughout the settlement process, and attentive assistance for the life of the annuity.

We at Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, Inc. are committed to personally meet and work with each victim and his or her family members.


  • spend time with them to make sure they understand structured settlements
  • guide them through the process to insure that their questions are answered, that their fears are addressed and that they feel empowered by their financial security
  • create benefit plans specifically suited to each victim’s needs
  • stay involved to provide guidance and to answer questions during and after the settlement process

We offer personal consultations, expertise and follow-up attention at NO COST TO YOU OR YOUR CLIENT

Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, Inc.
4725 S. Monaco St., #335
Denver, CO 80237

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