Technical and Medical Advisors

Technical & Medical Advisors provides the legal community with a nationwide database of experts to assist them in their case preparation, presentation and testimony. All experts are board-certified or licensed in the appropriate field of speciality. Many are affiliated with prestigious universities. All medical experts maintain an active clinical practice. Most advisors have testified both for the plaintiff or defense.

The experts provide you with an objective and unbiased opinion. The experts can also assist you with case preparations by providing you the most current literature and information in their fields.

Case Evaluation is performed by the appropriate advisor and consists of a review of all pertinent documentation to clarify medical and scientific issues. This provides you with an objective opinion regarding the causation and liability of your case. The expert who reviews the case has also agreed to testify if necessary. Oral and written reports are available depending on the case finding.

Computerized Literature Search involves an in-depth search for all articles and books containing relevant information as to the scientific or medical issues of your case. This service is important in documenting your litigation theory. In addition, it is useful in obtaining the authored works of opposing experts for impeachment purposes.

Gerri R. Colton, Director
Technical & Medical Advisors
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